Sizing/portion size

6” Round    –    Serves 12-15 people

8” Round    –    Serves 20–25 people
10” Round    –    Serves 30-40 People

12” Round   –    Serves 40-50 people

14” Round   –    Serves 50-60 People


Plain: Jam and buttercream

Lemon: Lemon Curd and Buttercream

Chocolate: Chocolate buttercream

Cupcakes and Traybakes

We Offer cupcakes in batches of 6

Please select flavours


As well as our bespoke personalised cakes you can order our delicious treats and traybakes. See our treats page for more information.

Beth's Buns

Bespoke cakes made to order

Each bespoke cake is made and designed for the individual. The cakes are priced according to the size and design. We ask that you choose one of these options before you start:

Have an photo of the cake you want us to make?

Even if the photo just gives an idea similar to the one you want, just use this form to submit a request and mention in the description that you have a photo. We will then email you to request the photo.

Like the one of the cakes you've seen on this website?

Please browse Beth's Bun's cakes using the menu to the left. Then note the ITEM CODE and include it in your description on this form. If you wish to add names or change it slightly please also include this information in the form.

Basic Cake Info

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