BB’s play café located In Chorleywood. Hertfordshire. We are a small soft play café that offers countless fun to all ages. Kids under 5 can enjoy our large climbing frame and kids under 2 can enjoy our small soft play area, while adults can taste some of our great coffee and homemade treats.


Monday - Friday


Opening Times

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 Our Reopening date is 17th May As of now it’s understood that it will be the ‘Rule of six’ but this is subject to review in the further weeks to come. Therefore we are holding off on booking until a later date to be sure on the guidelines.  

New rules/ Guidelines: 


  • £10 Per booking Included a free Sprinkle Biscuit for each child. Pay as you arrive. 

  • Two appointments together you get 2 ½ hours for £20 with that you can arrive and leave within those time slots. 

  • We encourage you to come at least 5 minutes early, not any earlier as we are still in the process of cleaning. Unfortunately, if you are late you must still leave at the time set. 

  • You will have the place to yourself for each booking. Therefore we encourage you to come as a group. (Max 6 people including Children) 

  • On our 4:30- 5:30 pm session please Order food before 5 pm. 



  • We are offering cakes for takeaways. Don’t need children to come in and pick up your box. 

  • Any 5 items on our table for £10
    Cookie boxes. 5 for £5 an 10 for £10. Preordering you get two free cookies. 

  • Please wear a mask before entering. 

  • Bespoke Cakes- Check out our gallery and Beth's Buns page for more information. 


To book:
Book online using our link Seen on the front page and our Facebook page.
Phone us during working hours. 01923 518393

Most of our slots are booked up quickly and booked online. Please make sure you book at least a day in advance to secure your place.
Please Make sure you fill in your name and a contact number for our track and trace 


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